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This makes using G0xIN a breeze for newbies.G0xIN is a clean and smart online layout tool that uses MOST 2D's technology. G0xIN is very reliable, and user-friendly.The paid version enables to save layouts, the free version supports online preview.This tool creates new elements like inner, outer, list, progress, grid, container, hero, and sidebar. G0xIN supports both drag-n-drop and grid view. The tool also supports various layouts like tiling, loop, and side-by-side,etc.This tool supports all sort of css like flexbox, grid, grid-auto-flow, etc.It also supports Strapi as the data source. You can even add icons and images to the template.The drag-n-drop feature enables the user to move, rotate, and scale the template. Adding background and text effects to the elements is also possible.The free version of G0xIN is the best option for the users who are not willing to spend money. If you are running a business or looking for some online templates, G0xIN is your go-to tool.This tool is now easily available on chrome web store for a one-time fee of $19.99.Download here: The makers behind G0xIN are offering a free 30 days trial on their website.Users will get to explore the features and options of the tool and finally download it and start using it as soon as they want.The more you explore G0xIN, the more you will find out how easy it is to use and how useful it is.If you are not satisfied with the free version of G0xIN, you can go ahead and pay for the premium version.You can see more details about the premium version on their website.Visit: WidgetsWidgets are small pieces of code that you can add to any page and customize using CSS. These widgets enable the website owner to add more interactivity to his or her website.There are a number of available widgets, and some require a fee to use while some are absolutely free.Most of these widgets are displayed as a menu and are categorized under




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